PrintChecks Pro Features


Print Checks Pro is a check printing and checkbook management software package that's easy to use, but sufficiently powerful for even the more complex check printing tasks.

This software is targeted for the advanced home user or small business owner who needs the advanced features such as:

  • Compatible with US and Canadian Banks.
  • Multiple accounts (unlimited).
  • Use blank check stock or Quicken compatible pre-printed business / personal size checks.
  • Add your business logo, bank logo and signature images to your checks and deposit slips.
  • Automatically print a second copy of a business check for your records (labeled as COPY).
  • Bulk print blank checks or deposit slips to fill in later. (make your own blank checks)
  • Optional 2-pass printing, so you can print the MICR related info using a black/white laser, then pass the checks through again on a color printer for the logos. (Desktop version only)
  • Backups are compatible between all PrintCheck versions.
  • Share the database between the desktop and mobile versions.

In addition to the above advanced features, other functionality include:

  • "Standard" personal check format, just like you get from a bank.
  • Print Deposit Slips on blank paper/deposit slip stock.
  • Cloud or local database backup.
  • Categories implemented and supports splitting transactions.
  • Starting check number override for pre-printed checks
  • Does NOT require special magnetic ink, works with standard ink-jet ink.
  • Super simple to use.
  • Works with any printer.
  • Save common transactions as "Favorites" for quick recall.
  • Printed checks align perfectly with 2 window envelopes to simplify the mailing of checks for your home or business.
  • Supports 3 per page check paper, as well as single check paper (3/page recommended as you can just insert unused checks in the printer).
  • Supports personal and business size check stock.