Getting Started

The following is a guide to setting up the Print Checks Pro app. Although this document is geared to the desktop version, most of the information presented is applicable to the mobile versions but may be done slightly differently. 

Install from CD (Retail)

  1. Insert the CD into your CD/DVD Drive.
  2. Setup should auto-start, if not, run the setup.exe file found on the root directory of the CD.

Note:  The software automatically checks for a new version every time it starts.

First Run

The first time you run the software, you will come up to the initial setup screen.


If this is your first time using Print Checks, then you should choose the first option to create a new database.

If you are re-installing, or are moving over from one of the other Print Checks apps (IE: A mobile version) then you can restore from a backup.

Finally, if you have your database on a shared drive/cloud drive, you can point the system to use that database directly.

All Print Check Pro apps are 100% compatible with each other.



Account Setup

This screen is where you setup the account(s). It helps if you have an existing check to use as a reference.  Just enter the information as shown on the sample check on the right.



  • Give each account a unique name.
  • Personal size checks can have 2 lines for the name, business checks are   limited to one line.
  • If you want to use a signature image, the easiest way to make one is to sign a white piece of printer paper approximately the same size as you would on a check. Then scan it into your computer using your printers scanner.  Crop to size (450 X 150 or any size that has a 3 to 1 ratio). You can use any graphic program such as “Paint”.

Entering Transactions

To start using the app, just tap/click on the “+” sign in the upper right corner and a menu will popup.

  • Choose “Add Transaction” to create a new check or deposit.
  • Add blank check to print a single blank check.The check will show in the register with “Blank check, enter info later”. This is shown only in the register, the actual check will print blank. After you write out the check, click on that check to enter the information.


The settings menu contains many of the advanced features of Print Checks Pro.  Most of the options are self-explanatory, but here are a few of the more import ones.

Default Settings

This is the most used option. Here you setup the basic settings for your check.

Check Nbr on Left: If you look at the bottom line on your check, part of that number is the check number. Some banks require this on the left side, others on the right.  If you are not sure, most business checks have them on the left, most personal checks have them on the right.

Type/Size of check: Business Checks are standard business checks. Personal Standard are just like the ones you get from a bank.  Personal Mailable are personal size checks which can be mailed using a 2-window #6 envelope. Print Checks Pro will print the mailing address in the correct location on these checks.

DB Location: This is where the database is located. If you are also using a mobile version of Print Checks, you can point this to a shared database on a network drive or a cloud drive.

2-Pass Printing: This feature lets you to print checks in 2 passes allowing you to use 2 different printers.  A common use for this is if you have a laser printer with MICR toner, and another color ink jet with regular ink, use this option to print all the black first (Check info), and then again on the other printer for the color only (images only).


Align Checks

Print Checks Pro prints checks as full-page PDF’s. 99% of customers do not have to align checks. Only in very rare circumstances should the checks need to be aligned.

Most importantly, when you print the checks through Adobe Reader,  make sure that you choose “ACTUAL SIZE” under Page size and handling in the print dialog, otherwise the check may not print correctly.  This is the most common reason for a check not to print correctly and it will only get worse if you try to align it based on the incorrect setting.

Print Blank Checks/Deposit Slips

Here you can print checks/deposit slips in bulk without adding them to the registry.

Transfer data between devices

All versions of Print Checks Pro use the same format database regardless of the platform.

Data can be freely moved between all of your devices. This option allows you to export that database to your personal share drive or cloud drive so other versions you are running can use it.


Print using regular bank issued checks

Form Carriers (AKA Laser Taxi’s) are special forms that you can use to feed single checks through your printer. By doing this, you can use leftover checks or, most commonly, use your standard personal checks you received from your bank.  To use your existing personal bank checks with the carrier, you must setup the account properly.

  1. Setup your bank account as normal in the app.
  2. Under Default settings, set the check type to "Personal Standard".
  3. Set "Are these preprinted checks" to "Yes".
  4. Set "Has Lines" to "Yes".
  5. That’s it! You are all set to print.

Using a Form Carrier

Form carriers can be used with both ink-jet and laser printers. Each carrier has reusable tape that holds the document down. As long as you keep putting the protective film back over the tape, each carrier can be used up to 25 times.

  1. Remove the protective films from the taxi.
  2. Place the check (or blank deposit slip) in the upper right hand corner as shown in the picture.
  3. Place in printer and print your check/deposit slip!
  4. Replace the film. You can reuse each taxi up to 25 times.


Purchase Supplies

The Print Checks Pro website is also your one-stop shop for all your check printing and supply needs.

All of our pre-printed checks are printed in-house on our commercial 1200 DPI printers. 

Never an extra charge for graphics or extra customizations like other suppliers and our prices are lower than all others on the internet.

All orders, including printed checks, are reviewed by a real person for accuracy and are printed and shipped the same or next business day. Most other check printers take days or weeks to get your order out.

For more information, visit our store in the software or on the web at:


If your run into any problems/bugs or need any help with the app, please reach out to us by email first.  We respond very quickly to email.

 We take bug reports very seriously and generally will have a fix out within a day or so. DO NOT leave negative feedback or bug reports as comments on any of the markets, we rarely check there and it will only delay getting it fixed. Our contact information is below.


Phone: 772-261-4723