25 - Self-Seal Envelopes for 1099-NEC 3-Part forms.

25 - Self-Seal Envelopes for 1099-NEC 3-Part forms.

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This item contains 25 of our self-sealing 1099 envelopes. (2022 version, 3 part 1099-NEC's)

  Use these envelopes to mail the 1099-NEC forms to your Non-Employee Contractors.

  • Our 1099-NEC envelopes will perfectly fit your computer printed 1099-NEC forms from our Payroll PRO software as well as most other payroll/accounting software. The 1099 form will slide in with ease and not move around during transit.

  • Recipient and return address will show perfectly in the double window design. Private information remains hidden by the high security envelope.

  • SELF SEALING - No water/moisture required to seal the envelope. No licking, glue, or tape required.

  • Maintains professional look and feel throughout transit with our durable 24 LB white wove envelope paper