Cheque-on-top Canadian Business Blank Cheque Stock

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These cheques are perfect for most home/businesses and are our most cost-effective cheques to use. If you have multiple bank accounts, use these cheques with Print Checks Pro to print cheques from any of your accounts.

100% compliant with Canadian check specification CPA-06.

Each order includes 100 sheets (100 total cheques) of blank cheque stock.

Benefits and Features

Our blank cheques cost less than any of the competition and are 100% compatible with Print Checks Pro, as well as most other cheque printing software. 

Advanced security features:

  • CPA-06 Compliant
  • Chemically sensitive paper.
  • Security watermarks (VOID when copied)
  • Erasure protection
  • Back printing security screen & warning box.
  • Shrink wrapped in packages of 100 cheques.
  • Graduated background design.
  • Sheet format fits all standard laser & inkjet printers