Pre-Printed Canadian Business Cheques- 3 Per Page

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NOTE: Our Canadian shipping rates include all duty and custom taxes pre-paid.

These Cheques are perfect for home users who want regular personal style Cheques.

These Cheques are like the ones you get from a bank. You can use them with Print Checks Pro or manually write one out like you normally would do.

To purchase, tap on the "Enter Check Info" button to configure the Cheque with your account using our real-time online Cheque designer.


Each order includes 100 sheets of Cheques (300 total Cheques).

To order multiple packs, just increase the quantity in your cart for the number of packs you want, and we will run the cheque numbers consecutively.

Benefits and Features

This cheque has 3 checks per page.  Picture shows an actual printed check.

Our pre-printed cheques cost less than any of the competition and are 100% compatible with Print Checks Pro, Versacheck, Quicken, Quickbooks and most other cheque printing software. 

Benefits to ordering checks from us.

  • All Cheques are printed using MICR toner for 100% compatibility with banks.
  • Cheques are CPA-06 Compliant
  • Fast Shipping - Cheques are printed in-house on our commercial printers.
  • No extra charge for company or bank logos.

Advanced security features:

  • Chemically sensitive paper.
  • Security watermarks (VOID when copied)
  • Erasure protection
  • Back printing security screen & warning box.
  • Shrink wrapped in packages of 100 checks.
  • Graduated background design with screened stubs.
  • Sheet format fits all standard laser & inkjet printers